Wellness and Spa centre tariff
Couple   prices*  
First hour   66  
Every next hour   22  
Whole day   176  
First hour   42  
Every next hour   20  
Whole day   109  



Accomodation (facilities recreation centre not included)
  Prices per couple*
Two floor apartment  310
Apartment  285
Cottage  285
Lux 220
Room with sauna 230
Studio 220
Room with bath 215
Room with Bq 205
Mountain cottage 170
Additional person 50
Children 25
 * members INF-FNI 5% discount  



Campsite: own tent or camper

Minimum 2 nights

Price includes usage Spa facilities

Own tent Price per person per day
Normal price 90
FNP-INF price 5% discount
Own camper Price per person per day
Normal price 110
FNP-INF price 5% discount





FNP – Polish Naturist Federation
 INF – International Naturist Federation


     All prices in Polish zloties.